Ross Srey Meng, at a school for vulnerable children, Cambodia
Photo: Nicolas Axelrod/ActionAid

Cambodia has suffered immense political, economic and social strife, including the genocide of a quarter of the population and the displacement of millions at the hands of the Khmer Rouge between 1975-1979. Since the 1980s many people have lost access to land and natural resources because they are being exploited by local and foreign corporations.

ActionAid International began operating in Cambodia in 1999. ActionAid Ireland started its first Child Sponsorship programme here at the end of 2007. An important part of our work is helping poor people discover their rights and entitlements after years of oppression and poverty. We work with local partners to fight both rural and urban poverty. The projects you are helping to support focus on education, women and health, HIV & AIDS, Food security and land rights, strengthening rural grassroots organisations and advocacy training

Women and health

Rural women in Cambodia generally suffer very poor health and nutrition. We train local women to become health volunteers, to identify and treat problems. We also assist women who are rescued after being trafficked into the sex trade with education and vocational training. 

File 6891Kaccheb, 38 with her daughter (right), Lan Longraing, Pursat Province. Until recently kacheb was experiencing domestic violence. Now she attends women’s health awareness sessions. She and her husband are also working with a locally trained community facilitator to end the violence in her family.

File 6893






Pho (pictured above) Kam Pong Lor, Krakor District. ActionAid trained Pho to be women's health healer. In this image she tests the blood pressure her patient Tol. Tol is seven months pregnant with her seventh child and visits regularly for a check up. Tol explains that the healer helped her deliver her last child, when her children get sick now treatment is available.

The healer has helped me check my blood pressure and also my pregnancy. I have learned about important herbs, vegetables and nutrition.

File 6895Child sponsorship in Cambodia

Sopheak (12 years old), Chambok Village, Svey Rieng Province. Thousands of people in Ireland sponsor children like Sopheak. Sopheak writes to her sponsor, the letters and photos she receives in return, are really important to her. She keeps them in a plastic bag with her birth certificate. ActionAid is teaching her about dengue fever. She now understands that the fever which killed her 4 brothers and sisters, is caused by the tiger mosquito. ActionAid is teaching Sopheak and many other how to prevent denge fever.

Sopheak’s mother Som Hon explains how her friends attend monthly meetings organised by ADIFE (ActionAid partner).

We received mosquito nets and learned that we need to fill in pot holes and get rid of dry leaves and coconut shells to prevent mosquito’s breeding. I also make sure my daughter wears long sleeves in the evenings. The training helps us protect our children. Prevention is better, the treatments are too expensive and don't always work.

How you can help

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